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Global Studies

Strategic Marketing and Creative support

Nothing is more important to the health and vibrance of any campus than the inclusion of students from all over the globe. Ensuring a consistent pathway for out-of-country students doesn’t need to be a pipe-dream. Through a mix of digital and traditional media and culturally-competent design, I worked with CSUSM to develop a global education pathway to increase enrollment and elevate their brand on a global scale.


Marketing Strategy

Photo & Video

Graphic Design

Project Team


Seth Trench


Raul Raygoza


Courtney Tenzer

Finding Attention on
an International Scale.

Strategic Enrollment Funnels

I worked closely with the CSUSM Global Team to develop a state-of-the-art CRM process with stage-specific creative content. Whether it was the student’s first time visiting the website, after inquiry, or midway through the application process; tailored content was there to provide the next steps.

Building Their Brand Through Creative Content

At the end of the day, quality creative content is necessary to excite and motivate potential students. I worked with CSUSM Global Team to create photos, videos, and creative media to share why CSUSM was the place to be for international students.

Print’s Not Dead.

It’s Just Misunderstood.

In today’s digitally-focused world, it not uncommon to forget about print media. But after many discussions with CSUSM global staff, we discovered that print media was exactly what was needed to support their international partner institutions and agents. These tactile marketing pieces were an integral tool for agent meetings and conferences.

Finding New Faces through Digital Media.

Using historical student data and key target demographics, we harnessed Machine Learning tools to pinpoint specific new target audiences for their global programs. This process ensured that CSUSM was only using their budget on ads that counted.

But when it comes to digital advertising, we don’t stop there. Using AI-powered retargeting programs allow CSUSM advertising to grow and change along with the student’s journey and interests. After just one visit to the CSUSM Global website, the programs provided tailored calls to action for students to find online, via social media and in their favorite apps.